Tuesday, 10 December 2013

You shall be my Witness

Yesterday , myself and a few other girls took part in our first 'You shall be my witness' leader programme. You shall be my witness is a programme for sixth class students making their confirmation.Myself and Lauren Mc were placed in the local boys school to help the leaders to co -ordinate the boys. Yesterday was our first day which was okay for the start ! Next week we are going to be taking a separate group to talk to and help the boy which i hope will be more interesting!We also all took place in this programme so its good to see it from a different perspective! Ill update you about how i get on next week :) -Laura

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Road Safetyy !

Today all Ty's went to Punchestown for a kildare road safety exhibition . We left school at 9:05 ,when we arrived we were free to walk around and see various different stalls on road safety and look at other small events ! We also got to meet Johnny Doyle the Kildare player and got a picture with him ! There were 1,300 students there along with other guests ! At 11:30 everyone went into a seperate area for a big talk /presentation! NYPD were the first to talk followed by the guards , a woman from drink aware , the head of Hse ambulances and the meath road safety man We were showed many graphic videos and clips about the dangers of the road which really opened our eyes a little to the reality of the road.We finished at 12:55 and then went home ! Today we had a half day because of the 2nd year parent teacher meetings woo :)

Wellies are the best!

Yesterday All Ty's got taken to rathbeggan Lakes for a project maths trip . It was really cold and we had to wear tracksuits and layers of clothes and WELLIES woo :) we were seperated into groups of four and each started of with a different challenge my group had to measure angles on a triangle from a diagram of the climbing wall.We then got two more activities to do one on probability and one on area and distance , All in all it was a fun day ! We left Rathbeggan at about 12:15 and then went on to Blanchardstown for lunch myself ,Ailbhe and Jessie got Ginzeng woo :) we then got to have a look in the shops before heading home :D The man also told us we were the best school that ever went to the Lakes woo !!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Its begining to look alot like Christmas :)

Yesterday in Religion we began to make Advent wreaths.Each of us had to bring in a small container a block of oasis that was soaked in water over night and some greenery and a purple candle! Im not finished yet  but i hope to finish it next class :) Ill post a picture of the finished wreath when im finished :)

In choir for the last few weeks we also started to do Christmas carols which gets everyone so excited for Christmas ! We are singing at the Calmity jane Launch on Friday - Calmity Jane is the show our school is doing this year :)Myself and plunkett and a few other girls are going Acrobatics at the launch aswell ! On sunday the Choir is also singing at the Castletown House Christmas fair which should be fun :)

Great Achievemnent !

Two weeks ago , Transition years and Fifth years held a  bake sale in aid of the Philipines.It was in the hall at lunch time and everyone baked what they could the night before ! We were raising money for the "Saving Children's Lives" UNICEF appeal and together we raised 1700 euro which was a great achievment for the school and its going to a great cause :D

Heres a picture of Ailbhe enjoying her buns at the bake sale :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Spinning bins and blowing up balloons!

Yesterday all of the ty's went to the Institute of Technology Tallaght for Science week.We had a talk on Chemistry which was very interesting and fun! We left school at 10:40 and arrived a bit too early so we got a talk in one of the labs from one of the lecturers about bacteria which was very informative .At 12:15 we had our talk along with one other school .The talk was very interesting with experiments for every fact.For most experiments he chose someone from the audience to help him which gave us all a laugh as we watched a boy try to blow a ball into an empty bottle which was impossible hehe ! We also saw a bin spinning  around a lit small fire which was quite weird .. The talk ended with a huge bang (literally) as he had a balloon which we all believed to be full of helium but was actually full of hydrogen and he lit it on fire and it had a huge bang and a gust of hot air which nearly gave me a heart attack ..He was trying to teach us that we shouldn't always believe a balloon is full of helium as it is a mystery gas so it may not always be !


Last Thursday half of the TY year had a double P.E class of ZUMBA .It was so much fun and a great laugh was had by everyone ! We are doing Zumba for the next 6 weeks with a woman called Grainne :) Its tiring but supposedly very good at burning calories and keeping Fit :D I had never done Zumba before but i was really excited for it and it really lived up to my expectations :D