Monday, 30 September 2013

Walk like a lady

So for the first three Wednesdays of Ty we had different sorts of workshops from Positive Parties with Denise Devlin to Confidence building with Austin Dunne to Deporting and Etiquette with Kate and Brenda from Bk inniú and last Wednesday for one workshop we had Mr Corcoran and Ms Hughes to help with work experience and last but not least massaging with Gilíosa ! Each workshop was different in a good way ..
Massaging with Gilíosa was a great way to relax and get a free massage  waheey ,but was also a chance to learn how to massage properly and we also learned about how to massage the head correctly :)
Positive parties was where the craic was at from dressing up in banana costumes to Laughter yoga it was so great fun as we got to play pass the parcel :D and during this workshop we also got the chance to see Ms Leahy in pink sparkly 7inch heels  haha .
Bk inniú was something very different but was also fun , we started with deporting learning how to walk like lady's shoulders back and the likes... felt a bit like the ICA without the seriousness hehe , we then changed into heels and learned how to walk properly to save ourselves the shame of falling on a night out !We were also taught how to apply makeup correctly and the importance of looking after our skin which shamefully is something I lack on doing a lot !

This Wednesday coming is our First work experience ... I'm going to Elm hall Nursing home which I'm so nervous about but at the same time so excited as nursing is something I've always wanted to do !Hopefully Ill be grand :)

-Laura x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Something new to do

Last week myself and a few of the girlos decided to join choir as we have plenty of time to join new things compared to last year ! It was great craic even tho none of us are the best singers we still managed to join in the songs !On Friday we had our first school mass of the year and the choir sang in it and despite the embarrassment we managed to do just fine :D We have practise tomorrow after school which should be a bit of fun I hope :)

-Laura x

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Adventures of Carlingford !

On Monday the 16th of September the Ty's trip to Carlingford began ...As I was dragged out of bed at half 6 :( on Monday morning with my bags packed and set for adventure I met up with the year at Esso where the bus was to bring us on the journey. The night before myself  Niamh  O'H ,Eimear P  ,Amy B ,Lauren B, Shauna C, Aoife F and Lauren Mc met up in Tesco to stock up on some food when I say some we got a little bit carried away and filled a trolley which could of lasted us a week ..opps!
The eight of us were planning on getting a room of eight so on arrival we all rushed off the bus to get our room only to figure out we weren't getting our room until after lunch haha. So we left our bags in a store room and were split into two groups one of 30 which I was in and one of 37 these were the two groups we stayed in for the two days !  My groups first activity was laser tag , which was such a hike to get to in the forest  but was well worth it as it was so much fun and I was on the red team who won 3 out of the 4 games wooohoo  !!We also got to wear army suits which added greatly to the excitement !  We got back to the centre where we got our rooms and Luckily we got our room of eight YAY !! Then we had our lunch , after lunch my group went on another hike up to a big field where we played team building games which ended up our group throwing little Plunk through a spiders web made of rope and her landing on the ground  haha she was okay tho !And our team won with Jeff  with 12 gems woo :D We got back to the centre and had dinner which was not so gourmet haha  .. We chilled in our room for awhile and unpacked our bags as if we were staying for weeks !We then went on a night walk which ended  up with Lauren Leading a group of us through the forest blindfolded which was possibly the worst idea ever , After playing a few games we went home but went through an old drain tunnel and safe to say never again it was pitch black and was so scary but im happy I did it ! We got back and had Chinese and then headed for bed at 11 and once we got to our room it didn't take long before we all fell straight to sleep ! Another early morning on Tuesday where alarms were set  in my room for  half 6 !! We all got up eventually, packed and stripped our beds ! We then set of to do activities where we went body zorbing which was so So fun we played sumo wrestling ! After Zorbing we all went into a Maize which I panicked in and got out of haha ! In the afternoon we went to the sea to go kayaking which was great fun as we got to go to a trampoline in the middle of the sea , we then went to an old cave where we put our heads under a waterfall which allegedly puts an extra day on your life :) After we got off the water we got on the bus and went home :( Carlingford was a great experience and gave me so many memories and new friends !
-Laura :)

A trip down the road

The day after results (Sept 12th) the three Ty history classes took a trip down the road to Castletown house for a tour . It was a horrible rainy day and the plan was to walk to the house but thanks to Ms Mc H we got a bus WOO! We arrived before 2 o clock and we were then split into two groups one went ahead of the other in order for us all to see the rooms ! Our tour guide was great and told us a lot about the house , she also told us that she once felt the presence of a spirit in the house but she said there's no bad spirits in the house only good ...Thank God! It was a good day out and was a good way to relax after the partying the night before ! I'm happy with my Junior cert results and Wrights was amazing so it was a great way to finally finish the first three years of Secondary school and to move on to the senior end ... :)

Here's a picture of the three Ty classes outside Castletown house!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Its getting close

Tomorrows the day we've been waiting for since what feels like years...
Everyone is so nervous and anxious to see what their results will be and also so excited for the results night itself ! Some of us are going to the wright venue in swords to celebrate the night .. which caused a lot of hassle cause the tickets sold out ridiculously fast considering it is only a junior cert night but it the end it all worked out grand as everyone got a ticket ..Thankfully ! Im so nervous to see what the outcome of the last three years of work will be , Not that i can change anything now so there's no point worrying as all the teachers have been telling us , but its easier said than done ! Luckily for Ty's we dont have to be in school tomorrow until 11:50 and we get the results at 12 which isn't too bad :) 

Last Wednesday we had 3 workshops which were great craic , one was massaging which had us all relaxed in the morning , the second one was positive parties where we got up and danced and told jokes it was great fun and helped the class bond ! Last but not least we had confidence building workshop  which was interrupted many times by wasps coming in and out the window which turned out to be entertaining ! So far Ty has been great . On thursday the 12th for the afternoon the three ty history classes are going to Castletown for a tour which should be good ..especially after being at a disco the night before :)  i wont have a blog next week as were going to Carlingford ... I cant wait !!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Cornaro :D

Were into our first full week of school as ty's now , theres 3 classes Cornaro, Tabei and Tereshkova. Cornaro was the first woman to get a degree , Tabei was the first woman to climb mount Everest and Tereshkova was the first woman to go to space ! Im in Cornaro and so far the class is great :)The first day was so nerve wrecking as everyone was so anxious to see who would be in their class and if they would be with their friends which luckily I am :D .In art we did blind contour drawing which was fun and was exciting as it was my first time to do art !In technology were making keyrings as our first project ! In home- ec were planning our junk kouture outfits - The aim of junk kouture is to design and make an outfit made of completely recyclable material and inclue one electrical object which really had us all thinking !In science were brainstorming ideas for Sci Fest :)It feels like we've done a lot so far and we haven't even  been in a week which is great :)In music were singing which was a great laugh for the whole class .In history were  learning about the 1913 lockout as it is exactly 100 years old.   Its still abit weird having most of my friends in 5th year but I suppose ill get used to it ! Heres a picture of last years junk kouture! 

Laura :)