Work Experience

So last Wednesday was my last work experience at Elm Hall Nursing home. I was so sad to be leaving after 8 Weeks working there .Our work experience is on every
Wednesday for eight weeks for our first work placement. While working here i got to meet some amazing people and really started to bond with many of them ! Each day was different which made it great and i was busy for a lot of the time and was never bored !
I had time to chat with many residents and heard some really good stories about their lives and told them about my life aswell ! I started on the 2nd of October and finished on the 27th of November ! I really will miss working there and many of the people i got close with. I got invited to their Christmas party aswell which im looking forward to greatly :D It was a wonderful Experience and it made me have an interest  in being   a nurse :)

For my next work Experience im going to the local boys primary school which starts on the 6th of January so i shall update you about that when it begins :)

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